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About Us

Our Experience and History

The principals and team members at Brenton-Dabney have decades of experience executing international and domestic assignments that encompass multiple industries, product lines and services, both in the commercial, philanthropic and government sectors. Its team members are amply qualified in agile, waterfall and a range of hybrid project management frameworks. Historically, our success has stemmed from an unbiding curiosity about each client's goals and possibilities that inspire the very best effort on our part.

Our Approach and Philosophy

The Brenton-Dabney Group believes that obstacles to success are neither negative nor insurmountable, but represent opportunities for improved performance. We wholeheartedly believe it is an enterprise's attitude towards and response to an obstacle that will ultimately determine success.

Why Us?

Our mission and commitment is to continuously add value during each engagement by helping clients transform good ideas into viable opportunities and modest performance into exceptional results.  If we cease to add value during any engagement, we work with the client to sustain gains and chart a course of action that will ensure success.  That is our assurance and obligation to each client.